LG 4163 speed problems (newbie)?

I just bought and installed my first dvd-rw drive which is this LG 4163B. Everything looked fine so far, detected fine. Tried some Dvd movies and they worked fine too. I bought some cheap Msonic 4x media to burn. The burn worked fine too in Nero! The only problem I have is that Neroinfo says my drive is 10X read speed and only 4X write? Is this normal? And when I burned I could only choose up to 4x? Is the speed detected by the media?

for nero tools to report correctly on drive speeds you must have disk in the drive or you get random speeds,

just because it says 16x on drive box does not mean all media can burn at 16x , only a small set of media is overspeed to 16x and very few 4x are over speed to 8x so you cheap media may only be 4x burn on the LG

Ahh ok, i took out the dvd-r and it said 40X read and 40x write hehe? I guess that must be the random cd speeds. So what your saying is nero info just detects the speed based from the media? I guess I can stop being scared that my drive is defective or something and can burn only at 4x heh…

nero read media and fw max speed for that media if with -R disk in drive it says 4x write then thats what drive will write that media at, and if it says 10x read then whats what drive will read the -R media at.