Lg 4163 - quality scanning

I’ve been burning DVDs but have never really done any quality scanning (that PI/PIF stuff).

Advance apologies for my ignorance but can I use the 4163 for quality scanning? thanks

Quality scanning usually means PIE/PIF scanning and LG DVD writers are not supported for it. All Lite-On DVD writers, some BenQ-Philips DVD writers, two Plextor DVD writers (712 and 716), and one NEC DVD writer (ND-3520) do. (Though some others like Pioneer drives are partly supported, they are hardly used for scanning here, same with Samsung TS-H552B/552U.)

is there any information that any lg-grive will support quality scannig in the future?

can scanning be done with readers or it must be a writer? thanks again

NEC 3540 also supports PIF/PIE scanning


It can be done with readers, but the results do not have much meaning because they are completely different from any writer. Therefore, scanning with a reader has no practical use.

I just want to add that another DVD ROM drive that can be used for scanning is the Samsung TS-H352A. It works with Nero CD/DVD Speed. However, you cannot control the speed it scans at; it just scans as fast as it can read the disc. Since it reads different discs at different speeds, you cannot reliably compare results between different discs. Worse still, it doesn’t report PO errors or jitter. It is possibly the worst drive to use for scanning discs.