LG 4163 performance after MANY recordings?

I bought it LG-4163B a week ago…
But I posted on some forums to ask about recommended media, and some guy told me that he had 2 previous models of LG and the both got screwed up after a couple of months and only 20 DVD recordings. And that he has heard about similar problems from other people too… To be honest I got a little disappointed… Do you guys have it for a long time? have you done many recordings? Ever had any hardware problems??

I know I can’t do much now, but still, it’s never nice to hear that the drive you have JUST bought is a piece of crap…

I have had my LG 4163 for several months and no problems (so far).

I have not counted the number of burns - certainly over 100, and maybe 200+.

I rate the best burner in my current collection.

Now I like 1620 pro BUT in 3-4 months I have burned over 200 DVD’s and the drive is the same as when I bought it.As I told you it sells for 52 Euros here now.

Better than your NEC 3500 ?


When we have PI/PIF ability on these drives i wonder which will be the best then :wink:

Just out of curiosity, what is it about the 4163 that makes it better than the 3500?

Does the 4163 produce better quality burns, does it produce better quality burns with a greater variety of media brands, or is it better at burning DVDRW media?

If your drive failed after two months I’m sure that would be covered under warranty.

I haven’t had the pleasure of using a 3500, but the 4163B is certainly faster at 8x and 16x (not sure about 12x) and produces burn quality equal to or better than the 3500 from what I’ve seen on the forums. The biggest drawback to the LG is that it doesn’t overspeed any 8x media to 16x; it requires 16x-certified discs for that speed, though it does overspeed some 8x media to 12x.

I have all three of the drives mentioned above. The only one of my media that burns “better” in the LG is the MCC. All of my other media burns virtually the same as in the 3500. The only media that burns “better” in the 1620 is TYG02 but all three are near perfection here.

Most of what I use is -R. With +R it might be a different story.

Hmm… I think we’ve come a little off topic here. I just asked how this drive works after some time and many burns. The term “better drive” is quite objective. It depends on everyone’s needs. I got LG because I read that it’s a better reader than NEC, and my DVD-ROM is crappy(I didn’t want to buy a DVD-ROM too right now). Also DVD recordings are quite good as I read. I’m not a “speed-maniac”, I don’t really care if the recording takes 5-8 minutes longer, as long as it’s good and reliable. I mean…what’s the rush for?? It’s not like I have some big production to deal with where I write DVDs 24 hours a day. Anyway…

@Evolva I know the warranty will cover it, but if the drive is no good by itself, and I have to replace it every couple of months or so, I may also lose some recordings(I mean bad disks that will stop workings after some time) along the way. That’s the reason I opened this topic…

I have been using two LG 4163 drives, one from end of last year and the other for about 2 ~ 3 months. Both have been ok and never had any problems. I must’ve burned at least 50 ~ 100 -Rs and countless times of RWs on the first drive.

I have used LG for a long time from 4X CD burner days and yet to come across a total failure.

HTH / Cheers.

I should add that my current LG is the 3rd LG dvd burner I have owned.

Neither of the previous 2 gave me any problems.

LOL. The drawback of the 4163B is, that it can only burn some (-) media with 8x within specifications (according to a CATS measuring device) and no media with 16x. It is more a 4x/8x burner than a 16x burner.

The NEC burner is better.


I don’t want to get off topic. Here is a long series of posts with 16X burns at under 5:30.


I know you rely on homemade quality scans, I do not anymore. The c’t magazine did not yet manage to produce any 16x disc on a 4163b that has passed the CATS test. Quote from the newest issue in the firmware update column:

[…]At least the device can now play DVD-R DL with the update (1.04), which was impossible with the previous firmware. In a short test we did not recognise any improvement of burning quality with current Verbatim 16x discs [which means that the quality is still bad].

Show me that your 16x burns are flawlessly readable by at least three dvd-readers at fullspeed. Then we can discuss…


kaborkam Sorry, off topic.

My two 4163B drives have burned many dvd’s mostly -R and still going strong, you shouldn’t have any need to worry dante02004

4163b - better error reading (for bad disc data) / perfect burning of lesser known medias, most of the time. Found this out after buying two tubs of cheap dvd’s. Last time i make that mistake :wink:

3500ag - faster at writing and reading

4163b - Is let down in every way by having the riplock active. So no reading any dvd media at speed no matter what mode you burn it in. I’m sure the burning speeds are slower than the3500ag also.

I can’t wait for a firmware to do away of the Riplock on this drive, amazed it has not been done already.

3500ag - :slight_smile:


3500ag - faster at writing and reading


My NEC 3500 is a faster reader than my LG 4163, but it is the slower writer.

Quickest burn for a full SL disc is ~ 5.40 mins with my NEC 3500, but 5.16 mins with my LG 4163 and with excellent quality.

The LG 4163 is also the quicker ripper of the 2, by around 3.30 mins for a DL video. But the Pioneer 109 is 6 mins quicker still than the LG 4163.

hi guys :iagree:

Can I ask you ?

Does NEC 3500 supports DVD-RAM ?? :confused: