LG 4163 making funny noises when ejecting or inserting disc



LG 4163 making funny noises when ejecting or inserting disc
Didn’t have it until today
DO u guys experience this??
I hope it will go away, this noise is scaring the hell out of me!!


I think it is the len that is moving, quite loud but burn fine


It goes like eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee or aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa depends how u pronouce it.
Is this normal ?!?
Try power the drive by it-self. If u can hear it,it means my drve is normal, if not im on trouble!
BTW u can feel the metallic case of the drive virbrating if u hold it on ur hand


I meant i didn’t “notice” it until today


I have a GSA-4120b drive and there are some weird noises too when the drive is ejecting tray. I think it is normal.

But I am concerned about something different, it looks like head movement (not seeking, just normal reading or writing) makes faint rattling or chattering. It doesn’t matter if there is DVD, CD, -RW, -RAM or -ROM inserted. It is more obvious, if DVD medium is rotating only at 4x or less, so it doesn’t cover the noise.

Can someone confirm that it is nothing to worry about?



Mine is slient when reading, all u can hear is (provided there is minimal background noise such as HD, PSU) is the disc spinning, very faint.
What really worries me is the sound it caused when the len moved into position as well as vibration felt when i hold it in my hand (this happens when i insert or eject with or without the disc). Kenshin has an external 4163B i think, any comment Kenshin?


I’m not sure if I’m too dumb or insensitive, but I haven’t found (or heard) any noticeable noise. Hm… I’m 24 hours tuned more to my baby’s crying sound.


No issues here.


I Have No No Noise In Mine


If this keeps going, do u guys think my len’s motor or the gear is going to wear out?!?! :frowning:


Hm. Why not record it and upload it here so that we can hear too?


Well, I have tried that, but it didn’t record anything useful. I would need much better microphone for that.


!!step by step!!
Press eject disc button on drive
“aaaaaaaaa” sound <quite faint if there are background noise, place ur ear 5cm from ur drive>, after sound finished (sound last about 1 sec)
tray pops out
Press eject disc button on drive again
tray slide back into the drive
After finished sliding back into the drive, “aaaaaaaaa” sound <quite faint if there are background noise, place ur ear 5cm from ur drive> (sound last about 1 sec)

This happens with or without the disc


I have the same sound “effect”. For me it sounds like a muted buzz. It was there from the beginning.



Your drive is just fine. I bought three LG GSA-4163B units and they all behave the same way.


:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
Thank you very much, i can sleep better tonight now
BTW wat’s causing the “aaaaa” sound??

Lens motor??


Ok, willno2’s drive is fine, what about mine?

I used a noise removal tool on the sample I have recorded, there are same artifacts, but I think it is possible to hear the noises I am concerned about. I have attached 70KB mp3 file.

First 15 seconds of the record is tray loading and recognizing DVD+R media, then 12 seconds reading at ~4x speed, there are these weird noises most obvious, then 6 seconds reading at 10x speed and stopping the drive.


gsa-4120b_noise.zip (70.1 KB)


Hm… I tried to run the file but couldn’t make much out of the recorded sound, but there IS some strange sound at the beginning.


My AOpen make a similar sound, more noticable after a few months. Others have reported the same. Not a problem.



I should note that I have very quiet computer, perhaps others don’t hear the noises, because it is masked with normal computer noise.