LG 4163 DMA problem

Whevever i enable DMA mode on my LG 4163B, my system crashes whenever i copy paste any file or folder.

If i put the drive in PIO mode it works fine… but slower of course.

What could be the problem?

My system is:

AMD 2800+ (Sempron)
MSI K8N Neo nforce3
512MB Kingston DDR400
Windows 2000 SP4

I have the hard disk as primary master and LG as secondary master. Both devices are are alone on each channel with no other device as slave.

If you use NVidia IDE driver, remove it and use the default Microsoft driver.

I did install them it first, but then realized my mistake… then i had to reformat and reinstall windows.

I’ll try to set my LG as single on the IDE channel and see if that helps.

I tried everything… LG 4163B as primary slave, as secondary slave or master but still the same problem :frowning:

The drive works good only in PIO mode :confused:

This does not sound like a LG problem (you could try the drive in another system to be sure). Probably something wrong with your pc, and maybe not where you would look first. Memory, power supply, BIOS setup, something like that.

Did you manage to setup in DMA Mode for your HDs in another channel for your MD? That is to say you’ll need to check form the Control Panel, under Primary/Secondary HDs, check their Properties to ensure that you can setup DMA Modes even for your HDs first. :eek:

I put the drive in another IDE cable (still as secondary master) and changed the jumper because it seemed a bit broken.

Afterwards and strangely the problem was solved… :clap:

So it was your cable/link problems after all!!!

Sometimes the solution is kinda simple…

IDE cables often crap out.

Usually when I try all the sensible ideas and nothing works, I try the ones that make no sense. You never know :wink: