LG 4163 dead after flashing... LED is blinking

Hi everyone…

I’ve flashed the LG 4163B with the firmware A103, and now Windows cannot boot (when the Burner is connected, when disconnected everything works)… after the Loading Screen is everything BLACK…

Everytime the Burner is connected, the LED is permanently blinking…

I have tried to flash it in DOS-Mode, but it doesnt seem to work with MTKFlash

How can I recover my dear Burner…?

MFG Die Hard

did it succesfully finish?

YES it has succesfully finished… but it was at Secondary Slave…

After the Flash i have pressed the reboot button of the flasher tool and then the LG has started blinking (LED) and everytime you connect the burner it is blinking…

Is it possible to load/start Windows with LG connected…behause everytime I tried I got a black screen…

I even tried flashing under DOS with MTKFLash

what else shuold I try…?

Die Hard

Hi Die Hard:

I had a similar problem after to flash my old LG-4082B. I disconected it from the PC and throwed it away. Now I have a LG-4160B flashed (in the correct way) and it works fine. Unfortunately, I suspect that (such as me), you probably did something wrong during the flashing process and the LG driver probably is no working anymore.



Honestly i don’t think it has something to do with secondary slave, cause i’ve my 4163
on secondary slave, too! I flashed it to A104 without any problems, rebooted and the
drive is workin well! I guess it has something to do with the flashing process, and for the
booting thing, my friend had the same problem with the black screen, he changed the
ide cable and everything is workin again, maybe a try worth with another cable!

Try again after removing as many as devices possible (though I doubt it will help at all.)

Firmware flashing is just something that writes some KB’s of data to erasible memory chips, nothing dangerous. Maybe manufacturers can make DVD writers have dual EEPROM sets like what Gigabyte does with some of their motherboard BIOS chips.