LG 4163 come with DVD-RAM drivers/sw?

Does LG 4163 come with DVD-RAM drivers/sw, and if so, which sw?
From my research so far, I’m guessing most burning sw don’t support
burning to DVD-RAM.

microsoft.com indicates that Win2000 does not natively support DVD-RAM
(and WinXP only has DVD-RAM drivers for certain Hitachi and Toshiba drives).

Just wondering if it’s worth the hassle of trying to set myself up to
do backups onto DVD-RAM.

I have had no trouble with the standard XP drivers, but the Nero InCD packet software works very well. There are also DVD RAM drivers available (based on Panasonic I think?) but you will need to search this forum. I have tried these and then gone on to us Nero.

DVD RAM is slower than almost all the other DVD formats, but by far the most reliable for data backups.

Windows XP will format a dvd-ram disc as FAT32.

I prefer UDF, which needs a formatting tool - available on the 'Net. Although mine came with my LG 4040, and works with my OEM LG 4120.

I use dvd-ram on a regular basis to back up my data.

Also, my Panasonic E-100 records to dvd-ram, which I can author on my PC.