LG-4163 can't read my DVD-R DL media :(



Hi folks! Nice to join this excellent forum. I’ve just recently upped to the A105 firmware, in which the utility strangely stopped responding just like the A104 update. Anyone had this happen b4? It only seems to happen after the light goes out on the drive and I can burn so it would seem the update was completed. I checked the utility again and it shows A105 as my firmware. Anyway, not the main point of my thread but was just curious of everyone elses experiences with this. My main problem is that I can’t burn to Mitsubishi-R DL 2-4X media and DVD identifier won’t even pick it up. Is their a work around or is -R DL just incompatiblity for this drive?

Thanks for any and all help.


This drive doesn’t support DVD-R DL. Use DVD+R DL.


:frowning: mother in law sent me a bunch from Tokyo. Bummer :frowning:

what about the firmware update problem? Sound odd to you?


I can use some of that if you don’t need them. :stuck_out_tongue:

what about the firmware update problem? Sound odd to you?
Yes Odd. But if it works then no need to worry.


no chance they could be supported by future firmware updates?


There is always a chance.
But no official announcement so far.



I emailed LG about this but they said it would not be implemented (-R DL writing) in this drive but in a newer model.


D’oh! I see that new NEC drive has it :slight_smile:

Ahh well. I only got three, maybe if this one craps out on me, I’ll get a new one with -R DL support. 'Course by that time, HD-DVD drives may be on sale :slight_smile:


Had the same minor problem with the firmware updater locking up once it finished the flash (ie when the drive light flashes). Happened with both 104 and 105 the first time I tried, the second time for each firmware it went fine.

Either way I think the drive is flashed correctly even if the updater locks up, but I did it again just to be sure.