LG 4163 Can't burn a DVD

Hi guys, OK I’m completly new to the world of DVD burning so go easy on me please.

I just installed a LG GSA 4163, and it works fine at burning normal files onto a cd and playing a DVD film but i tried to get it to burn a homemade slideshow off onto a DVD disc, but cant get it to burn.

I’m running on Windows XP
1024gb ram
Amd XP 3000 cpu
300gb maxtor drive 16mb cache

I got the latest driver for the DVD writer, from LG site.
Using Verbatim 8x DVD-R discs.

Any help or advice would be appreciated

What software are you using? What media? Have you check to make sure that your drive is running in DMA mode?

Software is Pinnacle studio 9
Have also tried with a demo of a DVD photo slideshow programme but the same thing happened, its just burnt a little bit onto this disc and then gives a error.
Media is Verbatim DVD-R 8X
Secondary IDE Channel = DMA Mode 2

Still trying(36hrs later) but its just gives me the error “CD Burning failed during the burning step”.

Anyone want some coasters?
This is getting expensive now.