LG-4163 Bit setting



Is there any way to lock the bitsetting on the LG 4163 drive? I hate to forget to change the bit setting to DVD-rom every time i reboot the computer.


Use Alexnoe’s utility for bitsetting. Or use GSA-4163B externally.


Is this utility easy to find?


Browse the thread titles here. Look for threads with “bitsetting” on title names. It’s easy to find the utility but you have to read first about how to use it.


Alexnoe posted links to his utility in a thread in this forum. See here :

Moderators, this question gets asked rather often. Can the thread above where Alexnoe posted info about his bitsetting utility be made a sticky? Thanks.


Making all frequently asked subjects sticky isn’t the forum policy here because there are too many of those when most people still use either 1024768 or 12801024 resolution display. (I personally want a screen of 64003600/1600mm900mm.) Making some frequently discussed subjects into one sticky FAQ is a better option (as in Lite-On forum) and there’s always Search (which one hardly needs in this case as it’s as fast to scan the thread titles only as to type in bitsetting on the Search box.) Sad fact is that there’s no one to write a good and complete FAQ for LG drives, surelynot me. Wanna volunteer? (Doesn’t have to be a moderator.) :slight_smile:


You guys are great. Thanks for the info. Downloaded, installed and working! I wish we also had a points system we could give for replies, like in other forums (hp.com).


Could you perhaps elaborate on this slightly?
how do you bitset it externally?
Thanks :bow:


Powered separately. :slight_smile: Right now, I have Pioneer DVR-108 and LG GSA-5163D in a 2-bay external case. I reboot sometimes once in 3-4 days and sometimes several times in a day, but I don’t turn off the power in external bays regularly.

BTW, if you use the latest Nero Burning ROM, Nero seems to burn all DVD+R media as DVD-ROM booktype once you set the booktype to DVD-ROM without having to set it again after each reboot.


Wow that was fast man. Would powering up the burners 24/7 spoilt it or shorten it’s lifespan in anyway? I’m kinda impressed to see you leave it on forever even when you’re not burning.

I’m using Nero too. Where’s exactly do you set the booktype? I can’t find it. Correct me if i’m wrong but changing the booktype to DVD-ROM only increases compatibility on standalone DVD players right?


It’s under “Choose Recorder” setting on the top “Recorder” menu. Select GSA-4163 or GSA-5163 and then press “options.” Or press “Ctrl + R” and then choose the LG drive.

Many enthusiast and professional users let computers run 24*7 for years and those computers mostly have at least one optical drive, mostly either CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drives.

About what bitsetting does, better read some articles and forum posts written one or two years ago. There have been a lot of debates on bitsetting. The original purpose of bitsetting was to increase compatibility on standalone DVD-Video players and PC DVD-ROM drives by changing the booktypes of DVD+RW and DVD+R media to DVD-ROM booktype value.


Is this option accessible from Nero StartSmart? Or just for Nero Burning Rom? I found it under the latter but not in StartSmart. I usually burn stuff through StartSmart though :stuck_out_tongue:


Why can’t there be an autobitsetting firmware, like on liteon drives? Why does it reset after every reboot?


Don’t use StartSmart. :slight_smile: I always burn in Nero Burning Rom. The “wizard” option was invented to make Nero look more friendly like Easy CD Creator but it lacks certain features.


Because LG thought it was enough. Even the limited bitsetting support doesn’t exist in GSA-4160B. Not possible in 4082/4081/4040…


I seem to have a problem with bitsetting. I’ve tried setting the recorder options in Nero to “Automatic” and “DVD-ROM” but my Hitachi GCC-4160N (which is isn’t capable of reading +R) still can’t read discs burnt with both options on. I even tried setting this option to “Current recorder setting” together with Nero CDSpeed’s bitsetting function but still it’s unreadable. Btw, my Hitachi drive just gives me “Please insert a disk…” error when I load the disc in the drive.

However, when I check the disc using CDSpeed in my LG drive, the booktype was successfully changed to DVD-ROM. I never had bitsetting problems with my last drive (a Lite-On LDW-411S) since all bitset discs work my Hitachi drive.

I also experience this problem with a friend’s BenQ 1620 drive.

I’m using Nero and BenQ DVD+R 4X (DAXONAZ1) media. I use the same setup as my LDW-411S. I only replaced the drive with the LG.

Any thoughts on what the problem is and how to possibly solve it?


Can your LDW-411S read the DAXONAZ1 disk? LG drives usually don’t support Daxon media well. If you have MCC002/MCC003/MCC004, YUDEN000T01/T02/T03, or RICOHJPNR01/RICOHJPNR02/RICOHJPNR02, try one or two of them in LG again and see whether the Hitachi GCC-4160N can read now.

Compare the write quality scan results from all of the burned disks since your 411S can scan.

Both of your DVD-ROM drives and LDW-411S are very old compared to GSA-4163B. :slight_smile: (411S isn’t one of the infamous drives from Lite-On and LG and Hitachi didn’t support bitsetting and DVD+R/+RW types of media in the old days.)


Yes, the 411S can read the disc well. I’ve also tried RITEKR02 and the same problem occurs (the Hitachi can read the disc burnt by 411S but not by 4163B).

Here are the scans of the DAXONAZ1 using an 812S I borrowed from a friend (I already packed the 411S). First one’s from the 411S, the second from 4163B.

As you can see, the burns on the 4163B scans better than the 411S.


Are those LG-burnt DVD+R disks with DVD-ROM booktype? Check it with Nero CD Speed with the Options to show Book Type for Disk Info (DVD) instead of Disk Type.

Can the GSA-4163B read the same disks well? (It should.)

Update firmware for GCC-4160N if there’s any newer version.

If none of that solves the problem, I’m out of idea. :slight_smile: (Except to recommend to use some of the latest 16x DVD burners as DVD-ROM reader drives because they are cheap and they can also burn.)


Yes, they are set to DVD-ROM booktype as indicated in my first post

Yes, both discs read well on the LG.

I’m currently using A104 firmware :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help though. I appreciate it much. Guess I really need an upgrade to my drive


I thought it was one of the early 16x DVD-ROM drives but now I can see it’s a combo drive.

Was your GCC-4160N inside an IBM PC?I can’t find any information on either LG or Hitachi or HLDS homepage. I meant firmware update for GCC-4160N, not for GSA-4163B.


[I]Архив новостей
Обновление прошивок для CD-RW/DVD-приводов Toshiba, KME, HLDS, Sanyo и LG - Alien @ 14.06.2003 12:20

На FTP-сервере компании IBM появились свежие прошивки к комбо-приводам CD-RW/DVD для ноутбуков от Toshiba, KME, HLDS, Sanyo и LG.

Заполучить обновления можно по следующим ссылкам:

SD-R2002/UJDA720/UJDA745/GCC-4160N/GCC-4240N Firmware v.1201 (IBM)
SD-R2002/UJDA720/UJDA745/GCC-4160N/GCC-4240N Firmware v.1203 (IBM)
CRD-S372B/CRD-S372V/CRN-8241B/CRN-8241U/CRN-8245B Firmware v.2101 (IBM) [/I]