Lg 4163 and nero cd-dvd speed?



is lg 4163 supported by nero cd-dvd speed, to be precise: disc quality test

I’m moving from NEC 3500 A to LG 4163, and I’d like to know if I’m gonna have the same problem with testing quality of my discs…


I’m afraid so. I can get transfer speed but not quality scanning. That’s why I have the Liteon. Out of curiosity, why the move? I have both and I see equally good quality scans from both drives. I like RAM but I could live without it. Do you know something I don’t?


well, the main reason for the move is disc quality testing and somewhat better results for LG…but, I guess I’m not getting anywhere with LG if there’s no support… all together, I’m more than satisfied with my NEC, all except disc quality test :frowning:
I guess I’ll have to live with it…anyhow, I already gave 3500 to my brother, and now I’m thinking about 3520 or LG 4163…price is more-or-less the same, performance a bit on LG side, but NEC announced that with new cd-dvd speed version and new firmware - there’ll be support :slight_smile:

so, I’ll think it through…


speed3 will have nec 3500 scanning soon , and nicW will release his dvdinfo pro with 3500 scanning on about 17th of march, you will need new nec fw to do scanning which nec will release on there official website anyday now.


Updating the CD-DVD Speed may help you



You could consider Benq 1620 which already has error scanning. I have switched from NEC 3500 to LG 4163 but I keep my Benq for scanning and it burns some media faster and/or slightly better.