LG 4163 and LiteON SOHD-167T?

Can i use the LiteON 167T for doing q-scans with k-probe? The LG drive doesn’t support PI\PO scans, so i’m thinking if i can do this with the Lite-on dvd reader. Will the scans be any usefull?


I would say no. When I had my SOHD-167T and my current lite-on they don’t even come close.

Well, yeah, you can use LiteOn for Kprobe or CDspeed scans. The only problem is that being only a reader (not a burner), the error levels will not always be very accurate. Sometimes it comes close to values you get with LiteOn DVD burners, but usually the error rates are too high. Occasionaly I get terrible error levels, and the disc has a perfect reading curve in both of my burners. I even tried to scan discs made with other burners (like Pioneer 108), and pressed discs, and sometimes the error level was also very high.

I agree, the scans from ROM drives are close to worthless. Use the transfer rate test and for a quick check, use DVDShrink to open the disc.