LG 4163 and gigatain printable

I have an LG 4163 and I was wondering does anyone have any experience of whether they work well with

Gigatain 8x DVD-R printable discs?

Thanks in advance

That doesn’t sounds like a good media. Stick with TY, MCC (Verbatim), Maxell or Ricoh and you will be fine.

WOW! You can judge media by it’s name. Forgive the sarcasm but this site is getting to be all about having the right name on your MID, just like the guys at high school needing the right trainers.

Has anyone any experience of this media?

Sorry, I do not know anything about this media name, but the comparison of MID to labels on trainers is just silly. MID is the best way to judge quality, it has nothing to do with being fashionable or hanging with a crowd.
People in here who advocate the use of certain MID’s are just trying to help you so you do not spend your money on low quality garbage. A good MID can often be had for the same amount as trash.
Another question is how the sound of a brand name can be a measure of quality. I wondered about that too. :slight_smile:

Gigatain also sells fake YUDEN000T02… so zevia was right… stay away from them. All brands that sell fake TY aren’t good…Those may be fake TYG02…

Another question is how the sound of a brand name can be a measure of quality. I wondered about that too.

This comes with experience… =) When you hear a unknown brand that name is similar to a other cheap brand you know of… you automatically mark the brand in your head as cheap and dirty… and it doesn’t sound to good to you. =P The funny thing is… most of the time you’re right. =)

Lose your sarcasm first and have more respect for people who genuinely try to help you. What zevia said is the result of hundreds of hours of patient efforts to learn more about good DVD burning.

When someone uses a very unknown media brand name on recordable DVD media products, the reason is most likely to confuse consumers. The lowest kind of media companies use such a low marketing strategy. Their average quality is worse than that of average Princo media. Most people here cannot but reply like what zevia and others replied because Gigatain is a very unknown name and is known to sell fake media. By not buying such media, you can help the industry to make better products and to conduct business more honestly.

pow216, I did a research before answering your question. As Quikee and Kenshin stated, if you search in cdfreaks alone you will find that Gigatain sells fake TY02 as well as fake Riteks.

Sorry, but I find this hard to believe.
I HAVE used Gigatain and they are (in MY experience) Mitsui. At least the CDR’s are. The DVD’s I hear are an equally quality make.
The quality is EXCELLENT. I myself have had Verbatim made by CMC and Fuji by Ritek.
Stick to using stuff with trendy names on… :rolleyes:

Every manufacture that is so desperate to use other discs MID codes is considered LOW quality for me. Still I have yet to see a “fake” disc that burns excelent on any burner.

Fake. Right. And on what do you base this ?