Lg 4163 a105 problems burning

Hi all, can anyone tell me why I keep getting an error message " failed to burn disc at once" when using nero 6. I use dvd decrypter then dvd shrink and always get an error message. If I use nero to test the drive i get a message logical block out of range message. Help please this is driving me mad :a

What discs were you using when you got these error messages?

Either Nero is obsolete (should be at least) or -more likely- the media is poor and crappy.

the discs are ridata 8x dvd -r can any one tell me were to get a copy of nero

Nero has been updated to You can get a 30 day trial version at www.nero.com.

You can get a free update to from Nero here :

You need a version of Nero 6 that is registered to do this though. If your Nero 6 came packaged with your DVD writer, that will do fine.

AFAIK, you will have to pay to upgrade to Nero 7.

i wouldn’t recommend 7.x yet, too many problems with it imho. anyway, my 4167B constantly gives me that error whenever i try to do 8x on my Verbatim TY discs (TYG02) at the lead-in stage. i then use the same exact disc at 4x and it’s 100% fine. wierd. i’d say provide a Nero log as i’m a dab hand with those but it sounds like the same problem i just described. is fine with the 4163B