LG 4162b nor recognizing Lightscribe discs

Hello all, first post on this forum. After looking around for a while, seems like you guys know your stuff. I just bought a new HP pc with a lightscribe dvd writer. Problem is, the drive is not recognizing the lightscribe discs. After doing some searching here on the forum, I see that my drive is made by LG (model number HLGWA-4162B)…
When I attempt to burn my label with lightscribe, I get an error stating that a lightscribe disc is not recognized, when in fact it is a Lightscribe disc, and it is correctly inserted. I was just posting to see if anyone had any suggestions before I have to go through the hassle of returning it.
Thanks for any help.


Try installing the latest lightscribe driver from HP here;


Hope this helps :wink:


I tried all of the updates recommended by the HP techs…none of them worked. I cant find any firmware for the 4162, can I use firmware for a different drive?

Interesting enough, my GWA-4162b said firmware “E152” on it I believe. The drive died for some reason but my manager @ at a retail store let me swap out the same drive out of one of the dead/returned computers. Well the model# of the drive is the same, but from HP!!! the label has E152 crossed out with pen, and it lists E193 as the firmware on the label now