Lg 4162?

Hello everyone im pretty new at all of this so maybe some suggestions would help. I just bought a NEC 3540 from newegg, but im not sure its what I want. Mainly I really need it for quality backups of my PS2 games and my DVDs. I recently learned about lightscribe and would really love the feature. now I see that the LG 4162 has lightscribe. Now can I get it in the US and where and what are everyones thoughts. I am looking for that all around drive that can create fast quality burns with the lightscribe feature. any suggestions of other brands are also welcome I understand the BenQ 1625 is good but has alot of trouble burning DL disks. Like I said i am new to this but would really like that drive that has everything such as -Dl and DVD-ram capablity.

my thoughts on lightscribe is that it is a silly technology at the moment.

problems with write speed (its really slow), colour (or more to the point, lack of it and the currently nasty monochrome), fading (fades quite easily in a manner of months exposed to room light) and cost (the media is a fair bit more expensive then printable or normal media)

The NEC should give decent results. Keep to the disk’s rated speeds (instead of the drives fastest speeds for disks), and I don’t see your PS2’s and DVD players having huge problems.

Check very carefully that the 4162 is a GSA-4162 and NOT a GWA-4162. GWA drives are OEM drives which LG makes for OEM companies (e.g. HP). LG does not directly support these drives and provides no firmware updates for them. It expects the OEM companies to provide the firmware updates instead. To put it simply, if the drive is a GWA one, you won’t be able to get firmware updates from LG at all, so don’t buy it.

Even if it is a GSA model, you might want to check LG’s support webpages (http://www.lgservice.com - try a couple of different countries’ support websites) to make sure there are firmware updates for it. AFAIK, I have never seen any firmware support for the 4162. Not worth getting if you can’t get firmware support.