LG-4161b takes over 2 hours to burn DVD!



Hi all, i am new to the forum & new to DVD burning so I’m afraid I won’t be very good at explainig this but please be patient!

i have recently bought an LG-4161b DVD Burner and at first I made several coasters burning both CD & DVD disks, but this was rectified after I pulled out all my USB plugs & shut everything down that was running in the background. I then satrted having serious problems again when I loaded some Nokia phone software that I eventually uninstalled. But problem persists, it takes well over half an hour to burn a CD & 2h 15m to burn a DVD! I am using Nero Ultra & when I burn a cd it is at 40x & DVD at 8x.

I have tried doing a system restore with no effect & have also uninstalled & re-installed Nero, again with no effect.

Here is my System:
CPU: AMD Athlon 1.2GHz
Bus Speed: 100MHz
Bios: Award 6.00 PG
Memory: 512MB(70ns)
OS: Win XP Pro + Service pack 1
DirectX: System suite says 8.0 but i’m sure I installed 9.0b! How do i find out?
80gb HDD
Motherboard: Chaintech CT-7AJA

I usually load the nero ASPI when burning which is: WNAASPI32.DLL v2.0.1.74

I have also put the LG in a very similar computer & I got 2 DVD coasters then I loaded the nero ASPI and the 3rd DVD buned ok in apprx 12 mins.

DVD disks I have been using are ‘Samsung DVD+R 4x’ & ‘Infiniti DVD+R 8x’

So, does anyone know why it takes over 2 hours to burn a DVD at 8x? Any info much appreciated.



Is it GWA-4161B?


Yes Kenshin, it’s a GWA-4161B, is it a duff burner I was told it was new out(in UK) but i’m starting to feel I was duped! cost £60.


I’m afraid it does sound like you were tricked into buying this ‘ancient’ DVD burner. It sounds to me like a first generation burner, like my old HP 100i. The newest LG DVD burner available in the UK is the GSA-4163, which I have discovered cost about £53 if you look at www.dealtime.co.uk.


Who said it was new? GWA-4161B should cost at least 10-20% less than GSA-4163B. Some people have GSA-4163B produced in August 2004.


I bought it at a computer fair, the chap said it was new out! The fair is back again on Saturday & I shall take it back & give him a piece of my mind with it :a I usually do some research before I buy anything… except this time! Typical :frowning:

I will have a look round this site to see what the best burner is, any tips?

Belatrix :slight_smile:


Best burner is the LG GSA-4163, in my opinion. LG have improved a lot since.


GSA-4163B is best at 16x right now on many types of 16x media and also good with 8x DVD+RW and 6x DVD-RW and 5x DVD-RAM media. Pioneer DVR-A09 is a bit new at this moment. GSA-4163B and Plextor PX-716A reviews were nearly completed by the end of 2004 here but not yet posted officially. I hope CDFreaks will have reviews of Pioneer DVR-A09 and NEC ND-3520A soon as well.

I’m not sure if the guy who told the drive is new really just didn’t know better or somewhat lied to you.


I feel it’s the latter.


Tell the guy it’s GSA-4163B that is “new” and demand a replacement! :bigsmile: