LG 4161b Odd behavior

I have an LG 4161B that I’m debating sending back for replacement, but I want to be sure that it’s hardware related.

Once my OS boots I can access the drive fine, play DVD’s, etc. I haven’t tried burning anything, but my software identifies the drive as having the appropriate capabilities.

The problem is that it will not boot from most bootable cd’s and it seems to corrupt data while reading from the ones it does boot from. OEM XP Pro cd freezes after the initial hardware detect, gentoo livecd panics, and mandrake 10.1 boots but the installer indicates that the media is corrupt, but the cd’s work fine anywhere else.

Is there a firmware upgrade or anything of that nature that can be done, or should I just send the thing back?

I would send it back. And with any luck, you may get a 4160 or a 4163 as a replacement.