Hi, I have a small problem, I’ve had this burner for sometime, not more then a year and right now it wont recognize DVD-RW’s.

It recognizes CD-R, CD-RW’s and DVD-R’s but not RW’s.

This is the error I get:

Can anyone please tell me what’s wrong with it?

I have searched the forums, and it didn’t help. And when I try to copy DVD’s with NERO, it says you need a “DVD” but I had a DVD-R in the drive…


What kind or RW disc did you use, DVD+RW or DVD-RW? They are not the same thing. I believe the 4160B can only accept DVD+RW discs but not DVD-RW.

DVD+RW is the one I used

4.7GB 120min

It was working fine before, but now i get this error :frowning: