LG 4160B - not able to work with CD-R/RW?


I have just installed my new LG 4160B and DVD burning went all fine (using DVD Decryptor)…

Than I wanted to try it out on CD-R’s and CD-RW’s and Nero 5 does not recognize the drive at all, it offers only Image recording to me…

What is wrong? Can this drive really not work with CD’s?

Or do I have to upgare to Nero 6? Or get an update on Nero 5? Or newest driver/firmware?

Pls help, thanks.

My LG 4160B came with InCD4 and writes to CD-RWs. You might check that XP disc recording is disabled. Also download and try the Nero Info Tool.

I had trouble at first, not sure what cured the problem. I changed the drive from slave to master, flashed the firmware with A302 and copied the newest WNASPI32.DLL file (160,016 bytes) to the NERO and system32 folders.

Apparently the drive (or NERO) is squirrely if you enable Windows Burning. If you use it try disabling it before removing the CD-R.

Where can i find firmware A302 for this drive? Ive only found A301 so far. Is it some kind of beta firmware maybe?