Lg 4160b in a Pentium III

I have installed a LG 4160b DVD recorder in a Pentium III 650 MHz. Although the manufacturer says that a Pentium IV is a minimum requirement, it is working OK when recording data CD’s and data DVD’s. But I’m having problems to run video DVD’s. The image is jumping and the audio is poor. Is this because of my slow processor?

very likely. how u connect ur LG? list our all ur IDE devices n connectors.

I have the system HD in primary master connector, the LG in the secondary master and a second HD in the slave connector. That’s all.


i guess ur system may not be powerful enuf

Dont know if this helps but make sure the burner is set in the master position with no other drives on the cable. I only have a P2 266 (dont laugh!) with a sad amount of Ram and have the same burner and works fine…I use DVD shrink for burning teamed with Nero 6 and dont use the computer while its reading or writing.

Thank you. I’ll try to change my connections.

Oh, and update to the latest firmware =)

of course!