LG 4160B firmware

Does anyone know if 4163B DVD-/+RW firmware fit on a 4160B DVD-/+RW.
Thanks for reply.

No. I think it’s technically impossible. LG GSA-4163B firmware files are bigger and the drives use different chipsets. As my pictures show well, the PCB layouts are so different. Forget the idea and just buy GSA-4163B. Or wait for something better which will surely appear anytime in the first half of 2005. Even better is to wait for Blu-ray and HD-DVD but only if you can wait so long. :slight_smile:


I have a 4160 now but it was just a question about the speed of the 4163 is better than 4160. Perhaps LG sould make a new firmware for 4160 that increase speed of RW and RW/DL.

LG should? Then NEC should also release a firmware for ND-3500A to make it write at 8x to DVD+RW and 6x to DVD-RW as well. :slight_smile:

Many people warned enough times that GSA-4160B is just a 4120B with 16x DVD+R added and LG would soon release another 16x DVD writer. If someone bought GSA-4160B, there’s really nothing I can do about it.

If you want faster speeds, sell your GSA-4160B as soon as possible and buy LG GSA-4163B or NEC ND-3530A or Pioneer DVR-A09.

the problem for me is, that i can only get few LG models here… 1 actually… 4081 or smth. And they’re also getting 4160 soon… no 4163 around (or benq dw1620 for that matter:()

GSA-4163B is not released in South Korea. Someone in Lithuania can do the same thing what some South Koreans do. Some people just went to China and imported some GSA-4163B units in small quantity. Which is just what anyone can do without having to invest millions at once. If there are at least a few hundred people who want to buy GSA-4163B for, say, US$80, have someone volunteer to visit one of the western European countries to order GSA-4163B in quality of like 100 or 500 or 1,000. Volume order always gets discounts like 10% to 50% or sometimes even more. It was exactly what I did to get my very first DVD writer, an IO DATA ND-1100A. I asked one of my friends to ask his own friend whom I don’t know personally to visit some Tokyo shops when he goes to Tokyo on business. He bought just ten ND-1100A because he had to carry them himself and 10 ND-1100A weighs about 10kg, not light for international flight passengers. My friend had to give about US$4,000 prior to his departure, in cash. I often do that sort of things. Same with ND-1300A and some of the Registered ECC memory modules I still use. For people who don’t like in countries like US and Japan, such methods can be effective. But you need volunteers who don’t mind spending time and money for the pure sake of other people.

Another way is to let the wholesalers and impoters to get interested in GSA-4163B and other new drives. Most times, the traders do not import some new hardware products just because they do not know about the performances and popularity in the actual market where the users are. I often talked to drive and media importers to import various things. Such activities can sometimes also cause the big retailers and official distributors to reconsider. Or to work harder or reduce prices or reduce the time to market.

GSA-4163B, is it possible for it to support 8x DL burning in the future? consider it is such a new drive!

No, LG will just release a new drive before that happens. Remember GSA4163 was designed
way before the time Pioneer109 and others are, so that likelyhood is near zero.

If the LG-1460 had bitsetting it would be all I need until BluRay come out.

Bit I think Kenshin said it was not possible for the drive to support it :sad:

It may be easier to get another DVD player. Most DVD players play +R’s just fine, even if the manual does not say that. Are you sure that your present player will not play DVD’s with a book value of +R?

thx for good info:)

Kenshin, you make me be confused!
My 4163B is marked as “Product of Korea” (Question is “Which one?” ))) ). Why you have to import it from China or Japan with a bunch of problems?!
In any way, your post means that Japan and Korea are very different in terms of economics and mentality. Is it correct?
Sorry for personal reply!