LG 4160B does not recognize some commercial DVDs



After putting in 400 DVDs I recently have a problem with some DVDs which are not recognized by my LG 4160B.
Explorer simply asks “Please insert the disc into drive E:”.
DVD Shring says “No Disc” although disk plays in my DVD player.
My friend having LG 4163B does not have this problem.

For other DVDs I can hear a noise when I put it in but for a couple of the troubled disks I do not here any sound, just a couple of blinks.

Help please.


I just signed up to the forum looking for information because i have the same problem.
I purchased my GSA-4160B this past December on my new system…I’ve been hapilly watching movies and backing up my data without ANY problems at all.
But recently (without any HW or SW changes), my drive will no longer read ANY DVDs…let it be moves i rent/buy or data DVDs i’ve created with it.
It tells me there is no disk in the drive.

I tried uninstalling/reinstalling the device, upgrading to A303 FW, trying another IDE cable and i just now reformatted my whole system and it STILL doesn’t work.

I’m guessing this has to be hardware related to the “eye” that reads dvds…Am i right in assuming this or is there anything else i can try?

Thanks for any help.


try cleaning the dvd lense


I have tried with compressed air…Should i try with a CD player cleaning kit?? Or is there anything specific to DVD lenses.


Compressed air is best.
No change?


nada…well, from what i see; this is hardware related. Seeing that i’ve had this less than 1yr, i’m getting ahold of LG for a replacement unit. Thanks for your help!