LG 4160B DL compatibilty with DVD Players

Hello everyone,
I want to buy the 4160B but I couldn’t find anywhere if the discs it burns (dual layer mode) can be read by standalone DVD players


I don’t know if there’s any manufacturer of DL recorder whose products can’t be played on standalone players. Where did you look?

I read a review on this site about a Benq that had compatibilty issues with a lot of player and dvd drives



Summary: As long as you use Verbatim double layer media there is no problems and the drive automatically bitsets the discs to DVD-ROM.

Supports 2.4x DVD+R Dual Layer writing
Supports 16x DVD+/-R speed.
Supports 4x DVD+/-RW speed.
Very fast writer, so far it holds the speed record.
Impressive writing quality on most DVD+R media types
Very good writing quality on most DVD-R media types
Excellent CD-R writing quality.
Supports Walking OPC technology to adjust writing strategy while writing.
Supports DAO-RAW writing.
Supports reading and writing of full SubChannel Data.
Good reading speed with most types of media, including DVD-Video discs.
Good seek times.
Fast and perfect audio extraction, also with copy protected audio discs.
Supports reading and writing 99 minutes CD-R discs.
Supports bitsetting for all types of DVD+R/R DL/RW media and automatically sets booktype to DVD-ROM for all these media.
Supports advanced disc quality testing (FE/TE, PIE/PIF/POF and Jitter)
Good retail bundle
Supports writing many 8x DVDR discs at 12x or 16x speed, unlike most other 16x writers.

BenQ drives also support bitsetting for DL. Pioneer, too. NEC, too. Lite-On, too. LG also writes DL as having DVD-ROM booktype in all of their DL recorders regardless of firmware.

Where did you read about compatibility problems with standalone players?


You looked at a pre-release preview of one of the first DVD+R DL drives in the world. If you want to buy a 16x LG, why not read 16x drive reviews instead? BenQ, Pioneer, NEC, LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Plextor, Lite-On… all are available on hundreds of sites.

Ooops my bad thanks for the help