Lg 4160b copying problem

hi all i’m new to this forum . i’m having a problem with copying movies to a dvd-r . i use jvc dvd-r 1xto 8x to burn. it’s my first dvd-burner so i’m new to dvd burning .ok here is my problem ,it’s that it does copy but when i fast foward to a section of the movie it freezes the problem .i have the newest firmware which is A302 . i don’t know what to do T_T.i heard a lot of good things about it.oh yeah , i forgot this is one of the medias that Lg recommanded.

Can you post CD-Speed transfer rate graphs here done with the JVC DVD-R media you burned for DVD-Video? Please add more details about your problem.

The freezing might have been caused by a media defect or poor write strategy or something else. If the disc is read very well in PC DVD drives, poor write strategy and poor read capability of the DVD-Video standalone player. There are so many factors that affect the playback issue.

how do you post the graph?

well it’s when i fast forward in pc it freezes with any program i use wmp or powerdvd .

ok i think this is it .sorry for puting so many post i’m new to this :o

Set the CPU priority to “high” for the CDSpeed process in your Task Manager. That will make the read graph smoother if the disc is written well.

The fast-forware error might have been caused by some software problems, but that’s just a guess. If the disc data is read well, fast-forwarding shouldn’t be a problem. When I watch a DVD-Video title of movie or animation or TV drama, I use the fast-forward fuction a lot. If it stops many times or display big distorted images, it’s usually the disk problem. But your disk seems to be fine.

where do you do that?? i don’t know where i’m on win xp

ok well i still have the same problem

Task Manager. Ctrl + Alt + Del.