LG 4160B Burns Some CD-R Slower than nominal speed

good morning. i am a new owner of a LG 4160B.
I have noticed something unusual. On a couple of CD-R brands, supposed to be able to be burned at max. 48x speed, the LG would refuse to burn them at more than 8x. The brands are Quixo and DS. They probably won’t say much, except that they’re both low-quality media. Here’s the info i could retrieve from ATIP:
QUIXO (Postech Corporation, 97m26s11f, TWP 7, grade C+)
DS (Toolex France, TWP 5, Grade A+)

It looks like the 1st media is a clearly cheap one, the 2nd doesn’t look that bad. Other tests on known brands showed no problems (tested Plextor, Memorex, LG, R-Planet (Plasmon), Verbatim).

Has anyone had similar issues? should i suppose that the 4160B is fussy with cheap media, or it is simply that the firmware will not correctly recognize those discs?

Running on WinXP SP2, Burner is the only device on IDE seconday Slave, DMA mode is correctly set, tried with Nero and Feurio. Firmware A302

Please share your experiences (also with DVD). thank you!

My LG burner (4341B - 48-24-48) burns Postech media just fine. I’ve burned about 30 Postech CDs in it without difficulty. The same CDs turn into coasters quite often when I burn them on my BenQ DW800a DVD/CD burner.

Just an addition… my LG burner sees the 48x Postech media but only allows burns to 32x. My TDK VeloCD 52-24-48 burner will burn Postech discs at 48x.

I’ve had the same problem with Kodak Gold 24x CD media on both the 4120B and the 4160B with their latest firmware versions. I have contacted LG about the problem, and they have not corrected it to date. My Liteon drives burn the obviously excellent quality media perfectly and and normally at speeds higher than 24x. 8x seems to be the default CD-R burn speed for any media LG has not officially tested on the drive. Also, when the Kodak media burned at 8x on the 4120B, the speed spiralled down to 1x and the resulting burn was actually unusable near the end of the burned portion. Not very impressive.