Lg 4160b and memorex 16x media

Hi all,

My lg 4160b won’t recognize the memorex 16x higher than 4x. Ran thru google and found that the a303 driver was the latest update, back in march 2005. I had it already but downloaded it again just in case. But, it’s still won’t recognize the correct speed. TIA.

Until there is another firmware update your burner probably won’t recognize those dvds at the rated speed. It’s happened to me as well and when it does i just switch brands. Fujis, and Sonys made in Japan are very good dvds. Try to always get the ones from Japan, they’re just a little better. I’ve always had bad luck with Memorex dvds.


More than likely - the LG firmware knows the limitations of your Memorex media (crap?) and is set to write at a speed that is compatable with that media-

Remember - drive speeds are ‘up to’ not set at the rated speed-

btw-buy only good media like Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim (read our Bargain Basement for current good deals)


Your firmware probably doesn’t have a write strategy for your discs as they are newer 16x discs. It has nothing to do with the drive knowing they are ‘crap’ :rolleyes:, it likely reverts back to 4x for being an unrecognized media code. BTW, you never posted if they are +R or -R, nor the media code, which is the only thing of relevance. Memorex distributes discs from all sorts of manufacturers of media, they don’t actually make their media. It’s entirely possible that they are good discs and your drive doesn’t have any firmware support for the discs. Burning 16x discs at 4x, without a proper write strategy no less, will probably result in average burns at best.

Here’s a link for A304 firmware RPC1 LG4160b