LG 4160B and CDRwin RAW Write Mode?!

I am planning to buy 5 LG 4160B drives and want to know if they support CUE/BIN RAW writing in CDRwin.

Thank you.


perhaps here is the answer

it must be no problem

That burner is 2 years out of date. I’d advise against buying 5 of them!

However, Golden Hawk CDRWIN has not been updated in sometime. I currently have a GSA-H10N and the latest CDRWIN does not list it as a burner. I love CDRWIN, but the updates are few and too far between. I suspect development may have stopped :sad: .

My 18 month licence has expired… no sense buying a new one until they provide an update.

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

I’m considering 4160B or GSA-4163B because they are very cheap and because CDRwin has not been updated since very long. So, why spend more money if these drives can do? :stuck_out_tongue:

I need drives that can do RAW mode writing and Correct EFM Encoding btw!

FYI - I sent an e-mail to Golden Hawk tech support to inquire if they will be updating the CDRWIN product for at least new drives in the near future… If I hear back, I will post some information here… You may want to hold off on your purchase for at least a few days…

Then get the 4163. Excellent CD writer :iagree:


I finally heard back from CDRWIN… An update is coming… This is good news to me as a long time user of CDRWIN and the console tools (command line)!!!