Lg 4160b a302

k folks b gentle as i am a newby :stuck_out_tongue:

i have a LG 4160b with the a302 firmware with 2 probs as follows

i am trying to burn xbox games and i keep getting the cd error in my xbox “disc may be damaged or may need cleaning” yes my xbox is chipped i have tried use’n nero and dvd decrypter with the same results

and 2. any idea y recordmax now 4.50 does not detect my dvd burner ??

i am burning xbox games from my comp hdd not cd-cd any help would b greatly appreciated


Please type I instead of i and add period when necessary. Not everyone is good at understanding what your “k” means in your first sentence or the “probs” in another.

I tried to read your post again and again but I can’t see what the problem is. Maybe this thread is not about A302 firmware.

Let me try to figure out what yoour problem is here…

Does the game even beign to load ? Or does it immediatly give you an error saying the disc is dirty etc… Also, does it do this with ALL the games you copyed ?

Usually, this is caused by CRAP media. What media did you use ? Try some Verbatim, or RitekG04 if you feel lucky and cheap.


ok sorry guys I will start again (I tried editing the thread title but i cant)

I have a lg 4160b dvd burner

while trying to burn xbox games from my hdd the burn appeared to work as sucssefull burn i tried it in my chipped xbox and i get the “disc is dirty or corrupted” error right off the bat.

at first i thought it might b the firmware so i upgraded to the a302 firmware only to get the same error

I have used datastream 4x dvdr’s and ritek 8x sorry i dont know the exact type this was written on the dvd j4-04l23405075918b23 both dvdr’s are siingle layer

i get the error with all games i burn and i have no idea why i also have a pioneer a107 that does burn these games with the above mentioned dvd’s but it is in my other computer and im sure like you guys i dont like spending money only for the product not to do what i wanted it to do

i hope this helps clear this up and thank you for your time

As suggested above already, use good quality media like Taiyo Yuden YUDEN000T02 or Mitsubishi MCC003 or Ricoh RICOHJPNR02.

When you are not sure what the problem is exactly in a complicated situation like that, it is better to choose safe options. Good media are often more important than the latest firmware.

ok thanx heaps Kenshin i will try and find some tomorrow i have never actually heard of taiyo yuden YUDEN000T02 or Mitsubishi MCC003 as im in australia so i would say my best bet would be the Ricoh’s

i will let you know how i go

I don’t think Australia doesn’t have YUDEN000T02 and MCC003. Australian market is as big as South Korean market. But Ritek meda should be more widely available because Ritek makes more media than TY and Mitsubishi combined. Most or all RICOHJPNR** media are also made by Ritek.

Kenshin i found some RICOHJPNR02 so i bought a small 25 pack as a tester and what do you know ? they worked like a charm :smiley: so i went back and bought another 4 4 x50 spindles

all i can say is thank you, you have saved me alot of time and a few headaches

it is people like you that keep forums like these alive i owe you a beer :smiley: