LG 4160 Windows 2000 DVD-RAM problem

Hi, My first post (hello!!)

I hope you can help - I have just purchased a 4160 burner fitted in an external USB2.0 caddy. It was detected fine by my laptop running Windows 2000 but it will not recognise DVD-RAM disks. It reads DVD-R disks fine.

I tried the drive in another laptop running XP and DVD-RAM disks are read no problem.

Can you help please?

TerryM in the UK

Perhaps driver issue. Which format is the DVD-RAM disk using?

I bought the drive to edit DVD-RAMs recorded on my Panasonic E55 DVD recorder. However, the drive will not recognise a blank DVD-RAM disk either - Win 2000 pops up a message saying “F:\ is not available. Incorrect Function”

Blank means not formatted or no data in it?

No data on it (I didn’t format it but I believe it is supplied already formatted)

That’s probably why. Check what format it is in first of all. Are you using Matsushita (Panasonic) DVD-RAM media?

Look for DVD-RAM drivers from on my LG firmware page.


Using Nero 6 I have been able to write data to a blank DVD-RAM and read it back so the drive seems to be working.

However, I still don’t understand why another laptop running XP can read DVD-RAM disks recorded on my Panasonic E55 but this laptop, running Windows 2000, can’t read them.

XP natively supports DVD-RAM, (as long as it’s formatted FAT32), possibly Win2k doesn’t and therefore requires a driver.

Nero Burning Rom can detect and erase DVD-RAM disks unless something is blocking it by locking the DVD-RAM. 4wd is right I think and that was why I recommended installing drivers. Look for the DVD-RAM driver thread here if you are more interested. A lot of DVD-RAM driver discussions and postings there and that was why I added DVD-RAM drivers on my firmware page. I don’t use the driver myself. InCD should be able to do the same thing, or better.

I have solved the problem by installing a Panasonic DVD-RAM driver for Win2000 - udfrdw2k.exe - available here: http://panasonic.co.jp/mke/en/down/index.html

I can now see DVD-RAM files and have successfully imported, edited and written them to DVD-R (using TMPG Encoder Author).

I tried to install the driver on my PC but it refuses to run because this is Windows XP.

I thought there are other drivers, but not sure about Windows 2000. Aren’t the “BHA” drivers are also created by Matsushita?