LG 4160, any news?

Hi, i just had the chance to get an lg4160.
I noticed that there is very few about this burner, just a firmware update
Is it so bad writer or it’s just new?
I was looking for some quality test or a list of supported media and their speed

Can someone help pointing me ?


:smiley: so far only A301 as it is a pretty new drive.
i will test out some media soon.

i dont know too much my self ive only had it one week
but im very disapointed to see that
it dosnt suport bitsetting
what the hell
the 4120 does
and its the same drive except it does 12x instead of 16x
i phoned lg
and got tossed from dept to dept
finaly 4 hours later after many phone calls
i spoke to mohamed
who said that because the drive does 16x
they had to cut out the bit setting
i dont buy that for one second
they are just trying to get rid of me
im never buying lg again
and i encourage no one else too either
what a load of bull

Could anybody tell me WTH one could need bitsetting for? Do so many people own vintage DVD- Players?

Me! :frowning:

LG DVD-2340N

But play DVD-R…

I had the same experience - LG should be ashamed of themselves. I asked why 4120 does have a write strategy for ritek G05 8x -R media, they have told me many times it is nero that is the problem - that causes high PI’s does it??? And how come nero can write to other media at 8x but not G05. I think it’s the drive.

It’s about time tech support at LG got off their lazy ass and did something remotely technical

NEC 3500 I wish I’d bought, I like RAM, but maybe i should forget it.

May want to give them some time. It took about 6 months after the 4120 was released before they got bitsetting for that drive.

3500A does not have official bitsetting either. Burn quality of LG burners beats NEC. LG won’t overburn, and probably in some cases it is better for you as G05 is not a good media anyway. see some kprobes of top burners with it at CD freaks reviews, CDRLABS, CDRINFO. i wouldn’t use it even if i had a NEC. There’s X8 at better or same prices with much better quality, e.g., LG X8 +R , Code CMC MAG E01 with orange top.