LG 4143B and Ritek D01 DL

I have come to the conclusion that the 4163B is defective in design in relation to Ritek D01 Dual Layer discs.

I am now on my second 4163B (I just bought a second new one at a great price).

With the old one I had a VERY poor record trying to burn Ritek DL discs…maybe 50% if I was lucky. So I stopped buying them. The error was almost always a tracking error, usually but not always when going to the layer change.

My solution was to stop buying Ritek discs and use Verbatim DL. With the Verbatim I’ve gotten a 100% reliability. The downside is that the Verbatim costs a lot more.

Now that I bought the new burner I decided to try that one on my main computer. I thought maybe the older one was less than perfect in build and maybe the new one will give me better results with Ritek DL Media. I also updated to firmware A105.

Well, I bought 2 3-packs of Memorex DVD+R DL (Ritek D01) I’ve burned 5 so far with only 2 good discs !!!
All the others had a failure at the layer change!!!

Now what I don’t understand is that merchants sell the Memorex-Ritek DL discs here by the boxfull. How can it be that everyone using them gets such a poor result. If that were the case people would be complaining and the merchants would stop carrying this product! My belief is that the 4163B can not burn on these discs…but I can’t understand why???
After all this time can’t LG get a decent writing strategy for these discs.

Maybe I should have bought a different burner.

i have to say i agree with you on the ritek discs, they are very hit and miss with the 4163, i tend not to risk them on that burner, however the 4167 strange enough handled the 3 i have used with it no problems

This is a problem with most writers, not just the LG. The only DL media that usually give good results, are Verbatims.



Hi chef…
well yeah, I’m guily of ‘cross posting’ i guess, but I can’t figure out if this is a writer problem or a disc problem. I wanted answers from both groups to compare opinions.

If the older LG 4120B can properly use Ricoh, the 4163B also should, hopefully… why do you always say Verbatim is the only reliable media? :slight_smile:

The 4163B will burn Ricoh DL discs properly as well. The problem is with Ritek DL discs. AFAIK, Verbatim DL has the best compatibility when played on DVD players. That is the reason why it tends to be recommended. It doesn’t matter if the burner can burn the discs but the discs can’t be read on DVD players.

remember my original comments…
I get at best 50% success and I think the average is more like 40% with these Ritek D01’s…and that is with 2 different 4163’s, an early model (I bought one justr as they came to market) and a brand new one…with older D01 media (when I bought some back then) AND with 2 3-packs just now.
These LG’s do NOT burn these Ritek D01’s and I can’t figure out why.

Memorex DVD+R DL (Ritek D01) burned with 5163-A105. I’m not into the DL thing, but I picked up this 3 pack for $10. This result is decent by my standards, but I will buy Verbatim when I get serious.

Sorry, was actually replying to alexnoe’s post, not yours. He made a comment about Ricoh discs being able to burn on the 4120, indicating that they should work on the 4163B as well. I was simply pointing out that the discussion was on Ritek discs not Ricoh ones. They are not the same.

As for the problems with Ritek DL discs burning on the 4163B, search through the posts, you’ll find people have problems burning them on most drives, not just the 4163B. It’s not the drive, it’s the discs.

As for why merchants sell that stuff all the time and yet it doesn’t work, I think you’ll be surprised to find that not everything that is on sale in a certain place is of good quality. I remember a certain shop which was chock full of media made by Infosmart. It was crap but there was a lot of it around. That did not make it good media.

Also, I hope you know that Memorex as a brand name tells you nothing about the quality of the discs themselves. They don’t make their own discs but get other companies to make them. Sometimes the actual discs that you get from one batch to another can be made by totally different companies.