LG 4120b Read Speeds




I just installed a LG 4120B DVD writer, the read speed of DVD’s is advertised as 16x when i check the speed with Nero it gives me a max of 8x and lower with some DVD’s. The question is, is this okay and it’s just reporting what it can read each DVD at ?? or should I be getting 16x speed with all DVD movies.




it depends on the media type. On most drives you’ll get only 16x with DVD-5. With DVD-9 or DVD+/-R or RW the read speed is lower. This is because these types of media are harder to read (lower reflection of laser, so weaker read signal).

The read rate could also be lower if

a) the disc is scratched or
b) it’s a video dvd.

Some drives lower the speed on video dvds to reduce the noise during playback. Some do it only on css protected discs and so on…