LG 4120b Focus or tracking error

I have an “old” LG 4120b (firmware:A117). Yesterday for the first time I used a DATASAFE DVD+R DL (double layer) (code: RITEK D01) with Nero (v. and I had a ‘Focus or tracking error’. :frowning: Same results on a Traxdata (same code). I have never tried a burning on a Double layer DVD and on the first time this is the result! How frustrating! :sad: I have no problem on single layer DVD’s.
P.S. The drive is set on master on secondary channel.

Can someone help me please? :bow:

In case of DL, you should only use Verbatims to avoid trouble and coasters.

So it’s only a media problem. I’ll try a verbatim as you sad…I’m just afraid to waste another expensive DL (Verbatim DataLife Plus 2.4X cost £3.85 / Euro 5.69).

Thanks for your help chef!

I have had 2 different lg drives give me this error and it just gets worse until it won’t read anything. Mostly it has been caused by lubricant drying out on the rails inside. I have opened the drive and relubed the rails then worked the drive on reading for a while and no more problems. This has worked on both 4040 and 4082 drives. Just a possibility.


Mmmm…I think I’ll open my drive when I’ll have no other option (like in your past case, when my drive will not be able to read anything). The strange thing is that with all other tipe of single layer DVD media I have no ploblem at all. Maybe it is because the drive has to change the lens power when burning on double layer…and my drive can’t do it anymore because it is old??? :confused:

By the way, your help is really appreciated! :slight_smile:

If you can, use DVDDecrypter for DL burning.
You could even create a ISO with Nero and then burn with DVDD.

How come DVD Decrypter if I may ask?

What? ???

To find it, please use Google.

I’ve made a research on Google, but I can’t find why DVD Decrypter should resolve my problem, and why it is better than Nero Burning Rom (I already use DVD Decrypter but only for dvd rip)? I’ve read this http://forum.digital-digest.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=45025 but it is on DVD Video.

Ah, this you mean.

You could read posts in other subforums here and you would find the same comments everywhere: DVDDecrypter is the king, especially for burning DL media. :wink:

Oh yes! Yes and still yes! :iagree: I went on ritek site, I checked the DVD+R DL Compatibility Guide (http://www.ritekusa.com/upload/dvd+rDL_03_21_2005.pdf)
and I found out that for the LG 4120b the last firmware supported (tested officially) was A115. So I downgraded the drive to A115 and followed chef’s advise and used DVD Decrypter v. for a DVD+R DL burn.
The burn was accomplised without errors so the problem was Nero or the firmware or a combination of the two.
If it is Nero I realy don’t understand how come a famous program can have this kind of issue. :disagree:

Thanks chef!

Nero is, fairly seen, a good burning app.
But, looking further into it, you’ll discover that it has nasty little bugs that normally are removed with a new update, but unfortunately, new bugs will come within new updates too.
Running in circles, a devil poking with his pitchfork behind… (joking)

Good that it works now. :wink:

Hi There,

I once had a similar problem, my resolve was making an image with Nero, and then burning with Alcohol 120%… MY problem however has escalated… Nowwhen copying data from ANY DVD-R, +R, RW, RAM or CD Media, any file while exceeds about 250mb… it just locks up… my drive doesn’t open, cant cancel copy… it’s fairly odd. A solution that’s worked though, is using Alcohol to make an image… that works, but yeah… very time consuming for Dual Layered DVD’s lol… Definately looking around before my next DVD-Burner. Anyway, I got the following System

AMD 3200+ Barton 32bit
Abit n7
IDE 80 and 40 on primary 20 and LG 4120B on secondary - HDD are 7200RPM
256mb of RAM
WinXP Pro SP2
ATI 9600SE

I remember reading a post from someone who stated that Nero 6 does not do a good job of the transition between the two layers. DVD Decrypter on the other hand, handles that properly. I’ve seen scans of discs burned on the same writer with both programs and I the quality of the burn for the second layer looked much better with DVD Decrypter as well.

Nero 7 apparently fixes this problem, but people have reported other irritating bugs with Nero 7. It is also not a free upgrade from Nero 6.