[LG 4120B]Firmwareupdate A102 now officially available




the latest firmware A102 is now officially available from

http://us.lgservice.com/index_b2c.jsp -> Device Driver -> DVD-Writer. The download now seems to work perfectly, as it was incomplete yesterday.

One thing I noticed is that LG makes it somewhat too complicated than necessary, at least compared to other drive manufacturers. Quote from the readme of the official firmware:

  1. Connect the drive as ¡°master¡± by it self, on the secondary IDE controller
    with no other device on the same IDE cable, making note to set the jumper
    on the back of the drive to the ¡°master¡± position.

Hmmm, I wonder if this is really necessary? Has anybody tried if firmware update also works on other ide channels? - Why shouldn’t it? Every firmwareupdate I did so far with other optical drives, even five years ago could be done at ANY IDE port!

What about drives in external USB / Firewire cases, has anybody sucessfully update them in their cases yet?




Thank you, but both were posted here. A102 firmware downloads were reported yesterday. It is not absolutely necessary to have only the drive to flash firmware to in the given channel. It is just a recommendation officially coming from a big company. Does anyone always follow the instructions from Intel and Microsoft step by step every time to install CPU and OS? It is always better to have one device in one IDE channel. It’s not complicated that much. Try to read the manuals from Supermicro and AMD and compare them with the one at LG site. I never read such manuals from the first page to the last one.