LG 4120B Firmware 112 > 115




I am new here in this forum and would like to ask you something you may help me.

I have a LG GSA 4120B DVD recorder with Firmware 112 which can`t record Ridata 8X DVDs at 8X it allows only at 4X! is it normal for this firmware?

I was thinking of updating my firmware to version 115 but after I downloaded it, I read (in .txt file)that this firmware (115) should only update firmware versions 111 or below it !!! If my firmware is 112 I can`t update to 115?

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Just ignore that and update it to the latest you can get ahold of. You can flash back to old versions as well with LG’s. I have had a 4120B, 4160B and currently a 4163B. The latest firmware for your drive is actually A116, although it is not available from all download locations. Your simplest way of tracking down the current location for it is from www.rpc1.org.


Thank you very much Cbjwthwm!
I will try it!
If something goes wrong here, how should I get back to previous version?

Thank you



I think www.rpc1.org is offline! I could not access it!
Maybe later!?!


I have updated my fimware to 115 and now my recorder can burn Ridata 8X G05 at 8X!!! :slight_smile:

There is a new 116 firmware now!what is new?

Thank you very much!


Where is it?

I can’t access rpc1.org yet.


rpc1.org is offline due to a hardware problem.


You can also try this for the A116


But I found the A115 and A116 did not do too well on my stock media ranging from TY, Sony to CMC and I have reverted back to A111.



Must be OEM for Buffalo or Sony. A116-00.



Do you have any plan for the 4120B? I have much fun using your MCSE on the BenQ1620 and the Samsung TS-H552U. btw, should I go to the Liteon forum regarding MCSE problems with the Samsung?


What problems? (And why not on Samsung forum?)

I think it’s only matter of time as to adding support for more drives since time is finite to everyone.


ala has answered a number of questions regarding the Samsung drive over in the Liteon forum, may be because they use the same chip. Perhaps I should post a thread in the Samsung forum instead. The traffic is quite low over there.

I definitely hope that eventually MCSE will work on the 4120b. Otherwise, I will have to get the 4163 to replace it.


The 4120 and 4160 media tables are close to the 4163 tables, so I plan to support these firmwares soon. LG firmwares use special tables for overspeeded media, which are quite small. I have not checked yet what they are really used for in detail, but they are even smaller than in the 4163 firmwares, so there is not much space for overspeeding.
The 4120 and 4160 firmwares are already detected in MCSE and the displayed media table should be ok, but their special tables are not supported yet, so it is not recommended to use MCSE on these unsupported and untested firmwares at the moment.

I have much fun using your MCSE on the BenQ1620 and the Samsung TS-H552U. btw, should I go to the Liteon forum regarding MCSE problems with the Samsung?
I have not set up a special MCSE thread in the Samsung forum, so just ask your question in the Liteon thread.


Thanks, ala. I will wait for your good news on the 4120.


Maybe Samsung should work with Lite-On instead of Toshiba since Toshiba has Toshiba chipsets and both Lite-On and Samsung prefer MediaTek chipsets. :slight_smile:


Sounds like a good plan in theory but I wouldn’t want to see Samsung caught up in Liteon’s transformation into sales bloodlust with their technical integrity going down the tube. Samsung currently appears to be trying a lot harder than Liteon to refine their products, instead of pumping out their rebadged model of the month.

Liteon apparently expects users to keep buying their rebadged old model with new firmware instead of actually fixing the old model properly. Last night I scanned a data archive that I burned using my last Liteon which I actually relied on (812S with US0Q firmware). The disc, a Kodak (Prodisc R03), had a PIE index around 30, but far worse a PIF index of 2.79 and 712 POF’s. What a piece of junk–and this should be considered “mature” Liteon firmware. That 812S was the point where I gave up on Liteon getting their act together, and seeing the burns scanned now just confirms my past conclusions.

I have picked up a 1633S running BS0S firmware since for amusement, and it burns Prodisc F01 marginally as well–even after their write quality on the F01 media was pointed out a few firmware versions earlier in online reviews. No POF errors on this F01 media vs the R03, but still lame.

To top it all off, running quality scans on the F01 media on the 1633S vs a BenQ DW1620 using CD-Speed on both drives, the 1633S reported a PIE average around 7 times higher than the BenQ—and this is scanning its own media! I found these same problems in the past using a SOHC-5232K for scanning, exaggerated bad readings when doing quality testing. I contacted Liteon about it many times, and the problem was never resolved on that product. As you can see is still a problem generations down the line, and with both the 812S and the 5232K Liteon told me to RMA my drive, only to get another one with the same characteristics. Liteon is a waste of your money, and a company who I would love to see their lame support come back and burn them badly.

I have hope for Samsung, and I would love to see them put Liteon to shame by refining this TS-H552U to perfection. This would be in stark contrast to Liteon tossing out the same chipset into the market and leaving it for dead for end users to fix with their own doctored firmware.


Just to let you know that RPC is back online! Try it at:

Thank you