LG 4120B DVD recording problem



My 4120b will not record DVDs anymore on one system. When moved to a different computer and Nero is installed from the original disk, it works fine!

Here’s what’s happening on the first system. I can burn all types of CDs (data, sound VCD). When I try to use a DVD function, the program hangs at the actual burning stage. I can’t shut it down by any means. The computer doesn’t hang, it can be used for other functions.
The same thing happens when I use some of the Nero disk utilities.

System on both computers WinXP SP2

Any suggestion are gratefully accepted!


What are different in the other PC other than an installation of Nero from the “original” disk?


Sorry, I wasn’t quit clear. It’s Nero light that came with the LG drive. I also installed Roxio 7 with the same result. It seems to me that is’t a driver problem? I did uninstall and reinstall all the burning software, but to no avail. Remember that I also can’t use any of Nero’s disk functions such as Drive Speed etc. All these programs behave the same, they hang and cannot be ended, not even by “ending process” in task manager.


Are the hardware specifications of the two computers very different? Motherboard chipsets are the most important.


I don’t think that’s relevant, the burner used to work just fine on the first computer, which is newer and faster then the second one. ( 2.2GHz vs 733MHz, ram 512Meg on both and 40 GiG drives available on both)


I asked about chipsets, not HDDs or CPU clockspeeds.

ODD manufacturers don’t care much about them. Usually only chipsets.


Sorry misunderstood. I’ve solved the problem and you were right to pursue the chip set track. I had inadvertently removed the ide driver ( I was trying to solve a different minor problem). This shows you that you have to document everything as you along. Thanks for your help, your questions started me thinking and led me to the solution,


Thanks god it was solved in a relatively short time. :slight_smile:

I saw with my own eyes DVD writers being tested on sample computers purchased from PC companies like HP, Dell, Gateway, NEC, etc. and they were sorted by the chipsets. An individual consumer is unlikely to have at least one PC based on each chipset (from something like HX, TX, VX for Pentium classic processors to the latest 925XE and the yet-unreleased chipsets. ICH 7 and ICH 8 are probably also being tested for future DVD writer and Blu-ray writer drives on the labs.