LG 4120B doesn't recognize DVDs any more

Since previous sunday, when a fast light fall get my home, my LG GSA-4120B stops reading DVDs (there wasn’t disc in tray when this happen).

CDs works perfectly, but when i put a DVD (backups, original movies…) windows cannot read any data from de disc. (device is not ready).

I updated from firmware A102 to A111, and nothing.
I tested it in a friend PC and same thing. :sad:

What can i say… there is hope for my drive?
Or i can just erase that DVD symbol in front of the drive. :sad:

Or, tell LG that your 4120B is a CD drive only and so demand a refund of 90% of what you paid and use the money to buy a new GSA-4163B. :bigsmile:

If you get lucky, you will get a GSA-4163B replacement but no promise. (When previous models are discontinued, it often happens.)

“when a fast light fall get my home”, Huh? …Hmm, what does that mean? Can you clue
me in on that line? I read that over and over again. Me no understand…

sorry, my english is bad and i tried to say that for a few seconds, the energy fail
in my home.

please, say if you understand now, and i’ll correct the text above. :slight_smile:


Oh … ok, you meant lightening struck and a power outage occured in your home the
previous Sunday. Your computer reads and writes CDs just fine, but not DVDs?
You tested the DVD disks in a friend’s PC and the same results?

Ok, I understand now. If the power blackout (or brownout) did not destroy your equipment
because you had a surge protector, it may be a temporary glitch in the operating system.

Try uninstalling the drive in the Device Manager and reboot. If the DVDs did not work in
your friend’s PC, assuming that it is healthy one, then it must be the disk’s fault, or format.
Other than that, I can offer no further advice but warranty issues.

Yeah, I too, learned English as a second language. After all these years I am still learning it
as I go along. I thought you were just being poetic. I fall down when I read poetry.

Proton ehh? … Is that the Russian Proton rocket? Well, nevermind … just a side thought.

Hm. Poetry and chemistry in LG forum. :bigsmile: