LG 4120B D/L & using CDRW

LG GSA4120B 8.5GB 12x D VD+R DVD±R/RW DVD-RAM Dual Layer

I’m having a problem using my 16x24 CD/RW’s in it , it wont erase or burn them :frowning:
The brands are Verbatim, TDK & Melody all 16x24, 80min, 700mb

I am using Nero Enterprise edition , I have just downloaded NTI Platinum 6.7 CD-DVD maker to try & it makes no difference to this .
also I 'm unable to erase using XP’s ‘erase this CDRW’ feature, I have also tried ‘INCD’ which allows a format & erase of CDRW’s but still the LG does not recognize my high speed disks…[start button is greyed out in INCD]

I have 1 old Kodak 1x4 speed which the LG will erase & burn
The DVD side of things is fine, as is burning CD-R ,

I’m disappointed about this as I do have a high use for CDRW media
Has anyone heard of this happening & /or what make of Disc can be used ?
Thank you


Mmmh… unusual, my Verbatim 24x RWs work just fine.
Have you tried updating the firmware?
And does the drive recognize the disc at all?

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Hi Puti ,
I can see data thats on a CDRW , so it is recognised
on erasing data , Nero says “this disc is not rewritable & cannot be erased”
no i havnt updated the firmware ,[didnt want to void my warranty]
It has A 104
just had a reply back from LG Australia saying to use LG, Sony or Maxell
media , thats crazy, i mean Verbatim & TDK are well known brands - they say it cant be the burner as it does burn on the Kodak 1x4 :a

I have got the same problem with my 24x Verbatim CDRW. It works fine in the AOpen CDRW drive though.

What firmware are you using? A111 is the latest. It is supposed to extend the compatibility for various media.

did you miss that I did put A104 … . I still want to know where I stand on the warranty side of things as its only 2 weeks old
my CDRWs all work in my Liteon