LG 4120B A102 - Unable to play media - Do I need to update with firmware?



I am very new to this and I have a quick question.

I have been very pleased with this DVD burner and have been using some Memorex 4X DVD-R’s in the past with great results. Now I have some Memorex 8X DVD-R media and for some reason the drive will not read them at all. I get a message saying the drive is “inaccessable”…(all other media - CD-R’s, CD-RW etc. still work great)

Sorry if this is a noobish question, but I was wondering how to get this media to work on this burner? Can I?



Yes, it would be a good idea in your case to update the firmware. Later firmwares also
support bitsetting. I am not sure Memorex brand media is that reliable. People get mixed
results because the company sources their media from many companies. One batch might
be different from another. I have not used Memorex with my GSA4120 so I cannot be sure.


Thanks for your help!

One more silly question. I have found the firmware update from the LG site. How dangerous is installing this? Must all the procautions be taken?



Yes, you have to be careful with any firmware flashing. Follow the directions given, word
for word to avoid warranty loss. Make sure your system can identify the target drive and
that the drive has no I/O problems. Close any power management timeout programs,
ant-virus programs, user programs, and do not move a muscle. :slight_smile:


Another good idea if you have one, is to connect the computer to a UPS when flashing, if the power goes in the process, the drive will probably be dead too. :frowning:



I use the A115 firmware with my LG 4120 without any problems.


Posted for wrong model ,sry.


Could you post details about your system please?

My LG 4120 cant read 50% of all pressed DVD that I get from my friends.


My LG 4120 went to its new owner this afternoon. :sad:

What details do you want about my system?


Like: how is your IDE Controller setting? DMA or PIO? Do you have Service Pack installed, etc.?

It sounds a bit wierd that anyone’s GSA 4120b can work perfectly, because mine definitely doesn’t work properly.


I am not sure but if it has that much problems to read DVDs (pressed=ROM or R/RW=written by your friends) which work fine otherwise, it sounds like a hw problem to me.

Of course, if those are movie DVD-ROMs, you may have the wrong region setting, e.g. If they are movies, you may want to try to just open them in “My Computer” and look whether you can copy files from the disc to your hard drive, for a test, to be sure it is a reading issue and not a player problem.