LG 4120 or LG 4160?

Is the LG 4160 worth the extra £8.00?

No. GSA4163B is coming soon (probably November).
Shown above is GSA4162B. But its name will be changed to GSA4163B.

DVD+R 16x PCAV (8x, 12x is PCAV)
DVD-R 16x PCAV (8x is ZCLV)

It says PCAV for 8x, 12x, and 16x DVD+R writing and only 16x for P-CAV DVD-R.

The original page link is here.

For those who can read either Chinese or Japanese or English (there IS also English.)


日立LG製DVD+R DLドライブGSA-4160Bの新モデルGSA-4163Bが、11月上旬にも発売されるようだ。+R DLは2.4倍速、-Rも8倍速にとどまるなど4160Bの中途半端なスペックを一新。+R DLは4倍速、±Rは16倍速、DVD-RWは6倍速にそれぞれ強化されている。なお、写真の型番はGSA-4162Bとなっているが、実際に販売される時にはGSA-4163Bとなるとのこと。

So… you have finally revealed what drive has some of the features in my signature. :slight_smile:

I thought it was 52x for CD-R, but that’s not an important part.

Wait a sec, is DVD-RAM still at 5x ?! :frowning:


Thanks for the heads up, Diseree, about the GSA4162/4163. Is it likely to be out soon, or nearer the end of November?

I sold my GSA4040B last night and need a replacement quickly. :slight_smile:

There is no further information about GSA4163B. Original page says that GSA4163B will be released in early November, but this is valid only in Korea and Japan. The first model will be LG edition. Hitachi edition (OEM retail box only for Japanese domestic market) will appear 1 or 2 months later. Both editions have same performance, but bezel design and case material are different.

The release date is another confidential information. I was rather surprised even by the information about GSA-4162/4163 Diseree posted because it was supposed to be a secret weapon of LG (against Pioneer, NEC, Samsung, etc.) But leaking such information should work even for the interest of the most paranoid type inside a most conservative company like LG, not to mention the general interest of the public users because knowledge IS power.

I am happy proprietor of one 4120B that burns my Verbatim +R very well. But I want to update, and I do not know if it is good idea to buy a Nec 3500 now or to hope at that it arrives at the market the 4162/63. When you think that you arrived at the spanish market the new LG?
Thanks in advantage!

It forgets my previous estupid question. The good question is this: That to burner present able of 16x - R/+R and 4x DL burns the Verbatim +/-R and the Verbatim DL BETTER than my Lg 4120B? It exists?

So, Kenshin, do you know whether there is bit-setting feature for LG 4163? There are some DVD burner reviews published on cdfreaks to recommend NEC 3500A as the best overall DVD burner, the major reason they left LG out was the lack of bit-setting.



16x DVD+R PCAV 16x DVD-R 8x DVD+R DL 8x DVD+R 8x DVD-RW 16x DVD-RAM 52x CD-R What do you want more?

don’t you mean 8x DVD+RW ?

Does it normally take longer than 4 weeks for products to be available in Europe when they have already hit the shops in … let’s say Asia??

As usual I’m one who’s planning for his first DVD-Writer buy, that’s why I ask.

You got TS-H552A and ND-3500A in Europe before most parts of Asia. Products appear first usually where the ready buyers are. In this case, it’s North America and Europe first of all. Sometimes in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, and Seoul because there are tens of millions of people gathered in small areas relatively close to where labs and factories are. Even inside Europe, there are too many cities and countries to say whether Europe as a whole gets first or last.

CDFreaks doesn’t review LG DVD writers as far as I know because LG doesn’t send CDFreaks any sample drive. Other places that do review LG drives are not that well-informed.

As for GSA-4163B to have bitsetting or not, that should be a question for LG, not me. I do not know any drive that writes to DVD+R/+RW media that can’t have bitsetting. It depends on company policy. Obviously, not many consumers asked LG to add bitsetting. Talk to LG Electronics and HLDS and ask them about bitsetting for GSA-4163B.

It costs me US$2,000 to fly to Spain to find that out. Just make a few phone calls to various distributors and resellers and LG Electronics branches in Spain and that won’t you more than what you can earn by working for a few minutes.

I can only guess. End of November to early December.

As for the writing quality, again, ask LG to give you a sample, too, so that you can test the unit before deciding to buy it or not. A Verbatim 16x DVD+R media sample cost US$20, by the way. That’s US$10,000 for 500 16x DVD+R sample media.

I have not seen any 16x Verbatim DVD+R yet in the UK, only 12x. The 12x Verbatims are about £0.79 each ( ~US$1.40)

Cheapest 16x DVD+R media is £0.60(~US$1.00) - these are Datasafe (CMC MAG M01).

Traxdata (Ritek dye) 16x DVD+R are £1.85 each (~US£3.25).

Not tried any of the above yet myself, so I cannot comment on performance or quality.


I decided I could not wait for the 4162/3 model to be released, so I bought the 4120 this afternoon. :slight_smile:

I intend selling my NEC 2500 and get the 4162/3 when it does come out.

CMC 16x DVD+R for US$1.0 sounds me good enough though it’s not as good as Mitsubishi 16x DVD+R for under US$1.0. But not all markets are equal.

12x DVD+R? Was there such a thing in the real world?

Yes. Although I have only seen adverts for Verbatim 12x DVD+R, and the front of the jewel case showing a “12x” logo.

I didn’t know that, or maybe saw it somewhere and forgot. :slight_smile:

Since 8x DVD+R MCC003 is already very good…