LG 4120 No Write Simulation

Hi to everybody

I own a 4120B A111 and got a Onthefly-problem with Nero 6.6.03:

Neros buffer decreases to constant 49% and 4120’s buffer tickles from 8% to 98% but only I burn CD-Rs or DVDs on the fly.
I believe it’s a nero reloaded bug

So I wanted to test different configurations, but nero refuses to simulate burning.

So, does the 4120b not support write simulation (test write) ?
I believe my 4120b did it some weeks ago

thanks for all replies

What’s your IDE configuration?

Hi Kenshin

VIA Busmaster (Microsoft SP2)
Prim Master LG 4120b
Prim Slave Tosh1612
Sec Master and Slave NONE (this depends on special PCMCIA Hardware)

But there was never a onthefly-problem.
Never with LiteOn 5226S nor with LG4120B

I recognized it first with Nero Reloaded and perhaps XP SP2.

Best regards

No other channel available? If they are separated, it wouldn’t make any slowdown even for 16x P-CAV DVD burning if your PC is good enough for that.

If possible, connect the DVD-ROM (source) drive in USB 2.0 or IEEE 1394a or IEEE 1394b or SATA or anything other than the primary IDE channel. Even though there wasn’t the same problem with Lite-On 5226S and the same GSA-4120B, sometimes drives behave differently especially when sharing the same channel.

Did you used + or - for simulation? Only - can work.

Hi Kenshin

Even though there wasn’t the same problem with Lite-On 5226S and the same GSA-4120B

Just one Liteon and one LG.

Thats not my problem.
I believe, this behaviour is a nero bug, because i never saw neros buffer, which is always at 100% or less depending on data transfer speed, hanging at exactly 49% neither more nor less.

My problem is, i cannot do a simulation burn, neither with DVD+RW, DVD-RW, CD-R nor with CD-RW.

I remembered DVD+ doesn’t support test write, but just for complete list.
My LG doesn’t offer simulation at all.

I have no DVD-R, but the drive should support CD-R write simulation.

Does TAO CD-R simulation work?

Hi Kenshin

great tip :slight_smile:

My Simulation problem is also a nero bug:

I switched from CD-R DAO to TAO and nero allows write simulation, and thats best: switching back to DAO, simulation is still possible.
I am not shure at all, but i guess nero has this behaviour, if first a DVD+R was loaded in 4120B.

My problem is fixed, thanks to everybody

Now i can do some tests on the other problem, same as described here


P.S.: I believe that has nothing to do with drives on same ide channel.

I am getting crisis :a

nero still doesn’t allow write simulation on audiocopy, cd copy, videocd, svcd, boot-cd …
only cdrom iso

Ok, got it

Removed complete nero and installed nero everything is fine.

Upgraded to nero and now simulation ist ok.

Best regards

It looks like a software issue. The simulation checkbox was deactivated on my Nero Burning Rom for a while. Switching to TAO allowed it back.