LG 4120 B - just can't flash to A104




I’m wondering if it’s just down to bad luck.

I bought the LG 4120B and it came with A101. I then flashed it to A102 and then tried to go to A104. The firmware program hung and nothing happened. How long do you have to wait for it to go through? There were no lights on the drive and the program stopped responding. I waited for about 5 minutes and still nothing happened.

So I turned off the machine and decided to flash it to A102. It screwed up the drive and it spent 4 weeks with LG. The agent told me I might have bought a factory second (because I got it at the computer fairs) and this is what you might get with a factory second.

Now that I have just received a replacement yesterday, I tried going from A102 to A104 again. Still no luck.

I’m running WinXP and connected to the drive via USB2 to an external box. Does that matter?

I read in the readme text file that came with the firmware. There’s a line that goes:

“This firmware update is for drives with original firmware versions below A102.”

So if I got A102, will it not work?



I’m running WinXP and connected to the drive via USB2 to an external box. Does that matter?

Yes, It does!

You should read factory’s instructions carefully before doing such a thing! You probably screwed up another one…


Thanks. The thing is that neither the manual nor the readme.txt mentions that we shouldn’t be upgrading the firmware when the drive is connected via an external box.

The new one is still reading and writing properly, but I’m sure it will go dead once I try A102 again. Point taken, I’m going to take the drive to my work PC and give it a go.


I am glad I read this thread. I also just purchased the LG-4120B and will use it in an external box thru USB2.0. I verified with LG Service Benelux if I could flash from A102 to A104. Their reply was that it should be possible?!

Now I will be more cautious. I was even wondering if it would be better to use the firmware for the LG-5120B, which I assume is just the external version of the 4120. Does anyone know?



I’d always advocate flashing the firmware on IDE and then transfering the drive into the external enclosure…


How can I do that with a laptop?


With difficulty… Can’t you get someone to do it for you - IT dept. at work, a good friend, a friendly local computer shop…


SummitMan, I can’t believe LG actually told you that you could do it via the external casing. No wonder they are only happy to replace it for me, though it took almost a month to get it back.

But it’s strange though, going to A102 works, it’s just A104 giving the problem.