LG 4082b read speed problems

I was trying to test the reading speed of my new 4082b with CDspeed but it’s not working. First of all it’s not even spinning up to full speed even though cdspeed does its little spinning up thing before the test starts. The only time I ever hear the drive spin up is when I first stick the disc in. If I run the test right after sticking the disc in it’ll start out fine at 5x but when it gets to about 8x or so the speed drops back down to 5x. The disc itself is in good condition and I’ve tried both the A204 and the A206 firmwares. This is the only DVD-Rom disc I have so I can’t try another.

Also, I’ve burnt one disc so far and the burning itself seemed to go ok but the verifying took twice as long as the burn. That can’t be right.

u hav to HAVE A DVD inside ur 4082 to do the tests in CDspeed, if not the drive feeds on what???

verifying may take time. what media r u using? lousy media will give you headaches. try out more media before you reach the conclusion that your drive is faulty. most of the time it is the lousy/cheap media that cause the issues.

Here’s a picture that may explain what’s happening.



I haven’t seen any DVD-ROM disc with data, other than DVD-Video. Perhaps I need to buy magazines printed on paper as well. The problem here is that I read only English-language magazines at least like PC Magazine but they are sold somewhere round US$10 per copy, subscription or not.[/quote]