LG 4082b Not Recognizing CDRs

[B]So, this has got to be the quirkiest drive I have ever owned.

At this point in it’s life, I can read DVDs just fine. I can burn DVDs ok.

NOW, it has stopped reading CDRs, CDs…anything but DVDs. I upgraded the firmware to a107 (or whatever the most recent is called.) I noticed no difference. And I did it right, btw. My explorer view sees the drive as a “DVD_RAM Drive” unless I put a CD/R in it, at which point it changes to “CD-ROM Drive” and tells me to place a disk in the drive. When I put a blank CDR in the drive, it just gives me a blank directory.

Nothing has changed on my system. I have burned CDR, CDRW, & Office Depot DVD-Rs. At one point, it wouldn’t recognize DVDs at all & would only recognize CD/Rs. Dammit. This was also after my firmware upgrade. I took it out of my new system & put it in my other one (not much difference, really) to find it acting the same way (w/ completely diff hardware.)

I’ve read every single article on CDfreaks with LG 4082b in the title with no luck.
Any help, y’all?

I’d REALLY appreciate it! Thanks in advance,[/B]

I had a similar problem. Mine stop recognising DVD and son after I could not play or burn any dvds, the funny thing is that I had no problem with data/music CDs.

I originally thought that the errors had something to do with a virus or incompatibility of software, but it ended up being a faulty laser (it appears that that was a common occurrance with some LG products). I took it back to the dealer with a couple of DVDs to demonstrate to him what the problem was and he sent it back to the manufacturer for repairs.

Three weeks later the dealer rings me to informed me that 4082bs were no longer produce (I bought mine 8 weeks ago) but hey were going to give me a credit for the original price. Basically I had to pay an extra $25 for a dual layer or they could give me a Sony for free. (I took the dual layer and I upgraded for a 16x for an extra $15)

I will recommend you to take your burner back to your retailer if its still under warranty.