LG 4082B not recognizing 4x media

It reads and burns them at only 2x, and i’m using 4x media. M-Media blanks.
I have updated the firmware to A206 now.

This has happened before and i updated to 204, now it happened again with this new media and i updated to A206 and still no luck. What is the damn problem with these burners???

I should have got a Pioneer.

Use better media for your GSA-4082B. My favorite media for GSA-4082B are ricohjpnr02, good at 12x with GSA-4120B and also good at 8x with GSA-4082B. TY yuden000t02 media are better perhaps but a little more expensive.

Pioneer DVR-A07 might burn more media at their highest possible speeds, however, A07 is a lot more expensive than LG 4082B.

for X4 with the 4082B i use verbatim data life plus (MCC) and ritek g04. i’m only guessing, but i believe that your discs are not true X4. they are most probably X2 discs with X4 write strategy. don’t use crap media, pay a little more and get something decent.

By the way, in a match up between 4082B and 107D (A07) lg got slightly better results, see:

Furthermore, try the DVD RAM for backing up data and you will be happy you did not buy pioneer