LG 4082B - Cannot read DVD +R data

I burned a data CD in ISO format in Nero (None over 2GB), All .avi files. Nero Burned it with no errors and does confirm the DVD +R having the files

However, when I put the DVD back in the drive, XP Pro doesn’t see it

LG 4082B with original A201 Firmware (OEM)

Burned .avi as a DVD successfully with Ulead DVD Workshop with no audio(I guess it was Xvid) too, but I am more concerned abt the DATA CD

think it’s time 4 u upgrade ur f/w. now A206 alredi

Hi, I actually found the solution, I used Nero Express to burn data files and it worked perfect.

However, I am very tempted to upgrade the firmware but I have seen many forums where people are requesting the original A201 for some reason.

In addition, I read on the LG website, that A206 is NOT for OEM drives.

The place I bought it from advertises it as OEM, however it says LG 4082B…so I am not sure if I should upgrade or not

I think this may be a “known issue” with Windows XP. When a DVD is burned but not finalised, aka multi-session, XP doesn’t like it. The issue on MS Knowledgebase is with a multi-session disc over 2GB, but that will be finalised at that amount. I presume Nero didn’t finalise the disc, whereas Express did.

As for the OEM issue, what LG mean is for OEM rebranded drives, not LG not-in-a-retail-box OEM. I haven’t had a single problem with my 4082@A206 (a huge difference from my Nu DDW-081).

Sorry,. but I don’t understand. Should I upgrade it to A206. Mine is OEM

I have heard about problems with A206

What problems did you hear about exactly?
(I have A206, so they may concern me).



If it says LG on the front, yes, the LG firmware will be fine.

I have heard about problems with A206
I haven’t seen anything… anyone?

I have a kind of same problem. i cannot read multisession data in my lap top. i am using an external dvd burner. in external everything is fine. but in laptop’s dvd rom i can see only tha data that i burned first. its like this kind of problem: http://support.microsoft.com/?id=888622

i would very much apprecate if someone could provide some solutions.


I suspect that this is something to do with the DVD-ROM drive in your laptop not being able to properly handle multi-session burned discs. Try reading a multi-session disc burned on that external DVD burner on another drive, if you can, and see if it can be read there. If it can, then it’s the DVD-ROM drive in your laptop that is at fault.

Btw, are these DVD or CD multi-session discs?

thanks for r reply. yes i can read it in external. laptop is able to read only first sessions. is it possible that problem is related with firmware? I could not find any latest firmware for compaq DVD-ROM GDR8081N.

What brand was your laptop? Try searching the support web pages of the company that sold you the laptop to see if they have updated drivers for the DVD-ROM drive. I’m assuming the drive came with your laptop of course.

hey i have an oem gsa 4082 as well, and mine has firmware 406, and i cant burn to dvd’s at all, and is really now @#$% me off, i have tried almost every burning program, and i’m almost at the point of getting rid of it