LG 4082B Burning speed problem

Hi I hope some one can help :confused: :confused:

I Own a LG 4082B Drive.
I have always been able to burn at 4x (15 mins for full dvd)

I have recently purchased various types of 8x dvd-r and dvd+r (datawrite and bulpaq)

When i go to burn in nero the speed selection displays 8x (yippee) :smiley:


When the burn process is in motion the remaining time is correct (around 7-8 mins full dvd) it takes around 15 mins still to burn a full dvd.

So today i updated the firmware from A201 to A206 hoping this would solve the problem - but - no i have just finished buring a dvd at 8x (so nero says) and it took 15 mins.

I work within the computer industry but this has really baffeled me.
This doesn;t make any sense to me at all :confused: :confused:

Any help would be appreciated

here is my spec:

AMD 3200 64bit processor
ASUS K8v SE Deluxe motherboard
LG GSA - 4082B DVD RAM Drive
1024MB DDR 400 Ram



What are the media codes of the disks you were trying to use?

My guess is your 8X media is not compatible/certified with LG, therefore it still burn at 4X even though you can select 8X in the software. This is quite normal for a LG writer, they simply don’t support some cheap media (vs. Pioneer for DVD-R).

I own a LG 4082B myself and I just have to be careful when it comes to choosing blank disks.


Thank you for your reply.

As you ise the same drive have you got any 8x dvd-r’s you have used sucessfully. A list would be good if you could then i can see of which my suppliers sell

Thanks in advance


Personally my only 8X -R experience is with Verbatim DLP 8X minus. They burn and play fine, but avg. PI scan is between 40 - 50. So I went back to Verbatin DLP 4X, which I can have almost perfect scan, PI 4-5. I also heard with firmware A206 Ritek G05 is finally supported.

For +R at 8X, I have success with both Ricoh and Ritek (R03).

With this LG drive, I would not consider using any brands below Ritek
Check here
to see what other media people are having success with LG 4082B. I am afraid 8X meida is still relatively un-common.