LG 4082 writer problem

Hi, I was wondering if anybody experienced a smiliar thing. My DVD writer that worked flawlesly for about a year started running really slow. It happened about a week ago. I cannot recall installing any application or changing any settings. It takes about 50 min to burn a DVD ( at8X ) and CPU utilization is so high that I cannot do anything else. It still says 8x, but time remaining just goes beyond projected 8 min to 50 min. The same with CD, it says 24X but it takes 10 min+ to burn it so it must be more like 6X
I looked at device manager and can’t see anything wrong, it is using DMA 2, connected to secondary IDE with another hard disk. I tried running NERO CCD/DVD speed and it reports DVD speed 1.84X. I tried updating its firmware to 208 but that did not help.

Any idea folks?


if the drives runs at udma2 thats good however your hard drive is another thing…
it should normally run at udma5 or 6 check it out

It was this link that helped:

Funny, eh?