Lg 4081b will not read any discs



Hiya, I’ve got a lg 4081b dvd drive which has been working great for the past few months, burning literally hundreds of dvds but the other day i encountered my first problem with it. I found it was failing quite a lot during burning. At the time I put this down to the slightly different disks i was using (id gone from datawrite yellowtop 4x to datawrite yellowtop 4x v2, what the v2 did different i have no idea) Then after I tried to burn a disk from an .iso it just kept telling me to put a disk in. Then I found it would not read any disks, either cds or dvds. I’ve redone the firmware, checked all hardware, uninstalled writing and reading software, disabled the IMAP thing which i heard could cause probs. The one thing I havent done which i should is try a lens cleaning disk, but as all the shops are shut i cant go and get one. I’m also a bit doubtful over whether it would work as in the past ive used them and they’ve not done a thing, seems more like something tech support people tell you to shut you up for a bit!

please please help thanks in advance Michael


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